Cleaning of the carpets means removing the dirt, stains, tile in Seattle and allergens. Carpets are very prone to unwanted things, and it is highly important to clean it. A clean carpet is a necessity not just for a room’s attraction but it equally important for your health. An unclean carpet not only disturbs the look of a room, but it can also even be harmful to your health.

For this, cleaning of the carpets is very important. People adopt a number of methods to keep their carpet look fresh, clean and hygienic. People largely adopt old and new methods of cleaning methods. The old followed method is the use of vacuum cleaner. It is a tool that helps to pull out the dirt sticking to carpet. This method is very effective to remove solid substances, dust, and allergens. Although carpets need an intensive cleaning or a thorough wash, this method is used to get rid of the things sticking to the surface of the carpets.

With greater demand, the cleaning methods are also changing. Earlier carpets were cleaned using baking soda paste scrub. But now, people are using advanced methods of cleaning which includes many chemicals. This new method is again time-consuming. People need not have a hard time cleaning their carpets. The chemicals that are used to clean carpets are shampoo, deep steam, carpet powders, carbonated water and protectors.

There are various other methods like-

  1. Hot Water Extraction-This method uses equipment that sprays heated water on the carpet. Sometimes, chemicals are even added for better results. Then the water is vacuumed up along with the dissolved dust and dirt. Many carpet manufacturers prefer professional hot water extraction since actual steam could harm the fabric of the hand –made carpets.
  2. Dry Cleaning-Many dry cleaning systems depend on specialized machines. These systems are ‘very low moisture’, depending upon dry compounds achieved by cleaning solutions. This method is growing a lot into use in the market. It is because of its efficiency of the drying the carpet soon, within 24 hours.
  3. Bonnet-This machine is like a floor buffer, with an oscillating pad or absorbent spin that captures soil and is replaced or rinsed frequently. This method is not strictly dry cleaning, and it requires drying time.
  4. Carpet Cleaning With Dry Foam-This method uses a cleaning foam and vacuuming the foam immediately. Since the foam is 90% dry and 10% liquid, it is not completely a dry method. A solution of water and shampoo is added in a pressure tank which the dry foam machine inhibits. This method is applicable for Needle felt, sensitive water carpets, and carpets whose construction inhibits sufficient water extraction.

There are other homemade methods also like-

Vacuum– Air pumps are used by the vacuum cleaners to create partial vacuum to gulp the dust and dirt. Usually used on floor or carpets.

Stain Removal– Cut grass and tea leaves are used to remove stains from carpets. Earlier used for floor were also used to remove dust from the carpet.

Use of dustpans, brushes, brooms, and shaking and hanging carpet rods, carpet-beating machines are also methods that are used from 19th century.